About Us

Christ’s Vineyard is located in the ethnically diverse Humboldt Park/ West Town community of Chicago and ministers in surrounding communities, including Lawndale and Garfield Park. Employment rates for those reached in ministry projects are extremely low, and those who are employed are often underpaid and/or lack the training needed for higher paying jobs. The neighborhoods have limited resources from which to draw, and even families, organizations, and churches struggle to stay alive. The homes and ministry buildings are in need of development and maintenance, and Christ’s Vineyard attempts to provide these services through the various groups who desire to lead serve projects or be steered to needs of which they are unaware. These projects bless the ministries and families with items and work, along with teaching and inspiring those who come to serve.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to impact our community as we express the love of Christ through a holistic development of the community in the northwest side of Chicago. We do this by making practical contributions to already established ministries and through these endeavors, expose Christian people to the great needs that exist in our inner city communities.

Latest News

My Brothers Kitchen

My Brother’s Kitchen is a ministry of Christ’s Vineyard and many other ministries working together to serve 150-200 people every Saturday, working alongside people from the Lawndale community and the …

Our Founding

Converted Drug Addict Pastors Chicago CRC Reprinted from the November 28, 1988 issue of The Banner. Several years ago a drug addict in Chicago attended the funeral of his cousin …