Spring 2017

By Michael Harloff

This trip was a blast, and I believe that this trip will gain more and more momentum with every year that it happens. This is evident through the success we had this year. We have been taught what it means to be a servant, not through our work but through witnessing the work of the servants already there. We went into this trip knowing God’s work would be done, but we didn’t know exactly how. Our host was a principal for a Christian school, and 5 teachers were sick the first day we were there. So for the entire week we had half the team filling in for spots at the school.

I also saw how our host Juan dealt with his job, consisting of many parts within CV and other ministries. We worked in various places doing repairs and cleanup. Even though our work sometimes seemed petty, he was grateful because it gave him a chance to get much more accomplished. Through working with these people who were always serving, I learned just how much the inner city ministries need our help and that the work they do is phenomenal. God definitely is working through these people, and it is highly evident through their uplifting spirits and sterling faith. Try Christ’s Vineyard in Chicago if you are looking to be a part of something bigger.